Saturday, 2 December 2017

John Marrs

A book which could split opinion because of the motives of the main protagonist. You'd have to judge for yourself but the way the story unfolds is masterful.

My review -

Laura is a volunteer at The End Of The Line, a telephone helpline for people who don’t know where to turn next, and feel their lives are a burden. They don’t seek to influence their callers, just to allow them to talk. Laura is popular with her fellow workers, bringing in baking and fundraising for the charity. She is doing a little more than listening to their clients, it appears.

This book is written from more than one view point and allows us to see what is really happening, and what its effects are on the lives of the wider community. Our realisation is gradual and the build-up of tension, and the horror of what’s really going on, is part of the allure of the writing. Nobody, it seems, is what they really appear. Another excellent book from the pen of John Marrs.

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