Sunday, 3 December 2017

Jonathan Hill

Best. Maureen. Ever! A short story you can read in your lunch hour. 

A Surprise for Maureen link

My review -

Christmas with Maureen. We expect a bit of posturing, a lot of sherry and a session or two with her friends, Tim and Louisa. Tim, her young friend, comes around after his grandmother’s death, with a surprise for Maureen. She’s not sure she wants it!

You can read end enjoy this if it’s your first encounter with Maureen. This story, for me, sees her settle down into being a real person. She’s always been a little hysterical and yet here she’s more human and vulnerable. I like her this way. The story is gently funny and Mo, though laced with sherry as is usual at this season, has developed a lovely relationship with Tim. They can cheek one another but there’s genuine fondness there. Watch out for the scene in the pharmacy where you’ll discover she’s not really lost her feistiness! Funny, sweet and very seasonal.

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