Monday, 11 December 2017

Carol Wyer

Another belter in the Robyn Carter series. We're really getting to know Robyn's team now and it adds so much to the stories.

The Silent Children link

My review -

DC Robyn Carter is, as usual, overworked! She gets drawn into more than one case and has a suspicion there’s a connection. She also has more than a suspicion that her previous partner’s death may have been staged. This is a worry which diverts her from her work so she passes it on to her cousin Ross. The story includes flashbacks to the earlier life of one of the characters – and it’s well done.

I’m getting to know and enjoy these characters as we see a little more deeply into their lives. Robyn is patient and painstaking and this brings her results, but it’s always a matter of teamwork. Red-herrings pull them this way and that and the ending is memorable. a very good read indeed.

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