Monday, 22 October 2012

Jon Rance

Jon writes very funny books but you can believe it all might happen!

This Thirtysomething Life  This Thirtysomething Life

My review -

This delightful book balances manic chaos and thoughtful poignancy on the fulcrum of a laugh-aloud sense of humour. It takes the form of a diary by Harry, the thirtysomething of the title, and the effects of impending fatherhood upon himself and Emily. Each section starts with where he is and what he is eating – obviously his food (largely junk!) plays an important part in his comfortable life. We follow the couple through the excruciating meals with old university friends, their relationship with Emily’s parents, Harry’s lovely Granddad and his own care-home love life. It’s all beautifully observed and very funnily told.

Jon Rance has a very accessible and readable writing style and his sense of humour shines through the book. We get a deeper understanding of Harry as his year progresses, with some honest self-criticism as well as a little more understanding of Emily and her side of the story. It’s definitely British humour, a bit mad, rather self-deprecating but open and light-hearted in the main. He doesn’t dip out of the deeper questions though, and we really see Harry’s belated ‘growing up’ in this book. I enjoyed it a great deal and will be looking out for more from Jon Rance.

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