Monday, 15 October 2012

Paul Fenton (P A Fenton)

Paul's latest publication is a novella.  It's both funny and thought provoking.

The Spanner  The Spanner

My review -

Paul Fenton’s novella takes the sort of irritating character we may all have come across and blows him completely out of proportion (although I believe this was based on a real character!)  Stan Ramble has engineered his project at work so that only he can keep the job going.  He has removed from the computer code anything that will allow another person to get to grips with it.  He’s horrible and irritating both at work and at home.  Eventually, he is found out.  We see the ends to which he is driven in order not only to escape that discovery, but to try to reconnect with his son.

Paul Fenton has a genius for humour and this book with its inexorable inevitability reminds me a little of the film ‘Clockwise’ – it’s that rolling out of control that this author does so well.  A real treat for fans of the ludicrous (and people with an irritating and obstructive colleague!)

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