Monday, 24 December 2012

Alan McDermott

Gray Redemption ends the Gray trilogy of fast action stories.  It's superb!

Gray Redemption  Gray Redemption (Tom Gray #3)

My review -

This is the exciting denoument of the Gray Trilogy which features ex-SAS man Tom Gray and his personal crusade to tackle injustice, which we followed in Gray Justice and Gray Resurrection. He and his surviving friends are attempting to return to England where people in the heart of the government, want the world to believe he is dead. There is a sub-plot intriguingly twisted around this, which involves terrorism and a virus which can affect humanity genetically in an unexpected way. You have to read on!

Alan McDermott writes a great thriller and at times this book became almost nail-bitingly exciting. The books definitely have to be read in order because we get to know the characters in the earlier books and the start of this one builds up the plot and thickens the intrigue, rather than being character driven. As the first book began with the unpunished death of his young son, it was lovely to find Tom reminiscing about him at the end – and what a very satisfying ending it was… with just a little bit of a hanging thread. Absolutely brilliant!

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