Monday, 3 December 2012

Will Macmillan Jones

This is the third in The Banned Underground series.  I love them and now await a fourth!

The Vampire Mechanic (The Banned Underground)  the Vampire Mechanic (The Banned Underground)

My review -

Will Macmillan Jones' latest Banned Underground story is another jolly romp with the musicians and their acquaintances. Grizelda (an ever present frog-producer in times of trouble) helps a fragile and sickly-looking Fungus, and the gang meet a sort of anti-Santa (and his Notsleigh) as well as finding the real Sleigh and Santa's Little Helpers (all over 6ft tall) while the Old Gentleman himself is away on his hols. The hapless followers of the Grey Mage are there too, abusing his credit card! The mechanic of the title is uniquely qualified to suck in his teeth and give an inflated quote for sleigh repairs.

There are some wonderful moments in this story - look out for a harassed airman from RAF Valley, a bolshy satnav and a little tribute to The Italian Job that I absolutely loved!

Will has developed a great style and pace with this series (although I still don't like footnotes) and I look forward very much to the next episode, due in spring, I believe (and hope!)

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