Wednesday, 9 January 2013

David M Staniforth

This is the first of a potential series - there's another out at the moment.  Well worth a read for the fantasy fan.

Fuel to the Fire  Fuel to the Fire

My review - 
This is the story of a girl on the brink of womanhood in a world where pretty girls are taken as sexual playthings by the ruler whose taste leans towards torture and murder. Her parents have disguised her as a boy. She makes her way into a parallel world where she finds a more loving environment amongst a family who have historically always been dragon trainers. To prevent evil overtaking both worlds, she has to go back - on a black dragon, the most dangerous.

The story is interesting and imaginative; it's written using some lovely language and I found it very enjoyable. There was some good descriptive writing - I found the dragon fight absolutely gripping and had to grit my own teeth as the dragon's were damaged! There are some characters here with considerable depths - the despotic ruler's assistant; the Keeper, Hesperus, whose role I don't fully understand; the Miller who was once a Dragon Trainer. If you're a lover of a good, imaginative fantasy tale, you'll enjoy this story. There's at least one sequel and I can see it won't be long before I read that too.

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