Tuesday, 15 January 2013

David Wailing

This is the latest in David's 'Auto Series'.  It's a cracker!


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My review -

This is the fifth book in David Wailing's series of longish shorts (Bermuda shorts?) known collectively as The Auto Series. They are set 10 years from the present and are centred around the Auto - a sort of on-line digital assistant which understands its owner's tastes and interest and can even converse on the owner's behalf. Our protagonist Derek is listening to a broadcast of a book launch as the story opens. After a gap of 5 years when the author was reported as dead, 6 new books in the series have been issued. There's an interview with the reclusive author but only Derek has noticed that the new books seem to be rehashed stories, even rehashed descriptions, from the earlier books. 

David Wailing can take a science-fiction story, of the Auto which runs your life, and can push the boundaries of his own theory. It's a great skill. Would you trust a device to buy things for you? To organise your social calendar? If you give a machine such power, what happens when you no longer own it? I have enjoyed all the Auto stories which have been funny, thought-provoking and often a little worrying. This is the darkest of them by far and is an absolutely gripping read. The old saying 'For heaven's sake don't let them make any more progress!' springs readily to mind. I find myself wondering if the author can push his own theory any further? If he does - I want to be there reading it!

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