Saturday, 22 February 2014

John A A Logan

Slow to start but this builds up to a real climax. Agency Woman

My review - 

This story is told in the first person by someone we later know as Jim. He has worked for a Scottish 'Agency' which deals with espionage and terrorism. He has dropped out, attempting to retire, but is effectively kidnapped by a group of fellow Agency members, including an attractive green-eyed woman, to take part in another mission. She awakens things in Jim he thought long lost. We get snatches of his past life and details of how he came to lose earlier memories. 

The writing is superb as anyone who has read any of John Logan's previous work will expect. However, if I find any fault in it, I found the beginning difficult to engage with and slow to grab my interest. I also found all but the two main characters a little sketchy and kept mixing them up. This is probably because they were referred to both by Jim's description and later by their names. The second half of the book became full of action and I was drawn into it at that point and eager to read on. My little niggles are not enough to fault writing of this quality, but if you feel as I felt, stick with it! There are immense depths as we learn with Jim the role of the Agency Woman.

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