Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Various Authors Anthology

This is the third collection from the KU Forum and the first I've been able to review on Amazon, since I had stories in the first two. These are all great authors and really enjoyable stories - and exceptional value!

My review -

At the price this must be the Kindle Bargain of the Year! Six Indie authors, each with an excellent track record, have contributed a novella length story to this superb collection.

Cecilia Peartree, whose work is new to me, has the opening story which takes place on a train to Scotland. It’s what tends to be called a cosy mystery and I enjoyed it very much.
The second story is by Carl Ashmore, famous for his Time Travelling series for youngsters. This one, also aimed at a young audience, has a message for all.
Nigel Bird gives us one of his best novellas here with a slightly science fiction style story which touches upon the controversial technique of ‘fracking’ – some great characters here.
Maureen Banks is a lady of a certain age whose pretensions and clumsiness are legendary. She’s the author of her own downfall in most cases, but inspires affection in readers. Jonathan Hill’s three Maureen stories stand well by themselves but if you haven’t already, you’ll want to read the others.
The same applies to David Wailing’s story which is one of those included in his longer book Auto. These are great – gems in their own right – but when you string them on the necklace that is Auto they become more than the sum of their parts.
The final story is by Jennifer Hanning. It looks at how a sudden acquisition of wealth affects the members of an ordinary family. It’s the grandmother who comes into the money – a charming story with a real feel-good ending.

It you can’t find something in there to enjoy I’ll be very surprised!

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