Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Ken Magee

This is the finale of an excellent trilogy - I've enjoyed them all immensely.

My review -

This is the third part of Ken Magee's Black Trilogy and if you haven't read any of them you're missing a real treat. Thousand-year-old magic comes into contact with the internet - for many of us, a modern form of magic. Evil Wizards are trying to get their hands on some magic spell scrolls and Tung and Madrick, old friends from the first two books, are trying to prevent this. However, due to the wayward effects of the Spell Spell, they have become separated. There’s a mad journey in a little car to Ireland while another group take the journey in the opposite direction. Will they ever find each other?

This is a smashing adventure story with huge amounts of added laughs. It has its solemn moments though, as Tung exacts vengeance and kills 40 people in Dublin with a plague spell. Ken Magee weaves this story from start to finish leaving the reader happy and satisfied. I wonder if he'll be able to leave these characters alone, though? I'll certainly be delighted to read more about them - or indeed anything else this author writes.

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