Sunday, 30 March 2014

Richard Martinus

This is a little freebie which will give you the flavour of the author's writing.  Short but very enjoyable. Enraptured

My review -

Even in the many circles of Hell there are staff shortages. The three lamias who run one of the offices have to interview somebody from another circle to take up a vacancy. Lack of reception staff means that a group of human souls can be deposited in the wrong place and somebody has to sort it out. This results in disciplinary action!

This short story is a taster for the author’s longer books, one of which I have already read. The story introduces the concepts of this hellish after-life and some of the characters are wonderfully drawn. If you’ve worked in an office you’ll recognise some of the absurdities. Richard Martinus has a quirky sense of humour which suits this kind of tale. Enraptured is a little gem which, if you enjoy it, will have you downloading the novels. Note to self – must read the sequel!

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