Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Lexie Conynhgam

Another adventure of Charles Murray of Letho and his butler, Robbins. It's a complete story but oh, how I want to know what happened next!

The Tender Herb

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My review - 

Charles Murray of Letho is in self-imposed exile in Italy with Robbins, his butler. Robbins receives a letter from the erstwhile maid, Mary, who married a soldier and moved to India, to Delhi. Her husband is accused of murdering a man of the cloth and is being held in jail and she begs that Robbins might come, if Murray will allow him, to help her secure his release. Murray, on the point if being trapped into a marriage he doesn't want, decides that he will go too.

This is just the opening section of the story in which Murray and his butler take a long sea voyage and an overland trip of many months. Robbins develops a touching fondness for elephants and Murray befriends a mynah bird. More deaths take place and Murray finally faces the culprit. The ending is fast and exciting and, after watching Murray’s progress like a fussy mummy, I finally witnessed his wedding. Oh deary me! This is another hugely enjoyable story, complete of itself but leaving the reader longing for more.

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