Thursday, 9 April 2015

Julie McLaren

This psychological thriller starts straight in - no messing about. 

The Butterfly Effect The Butterfly Effect

My review - 

Amy wakes up in a strange room. She’s locked in with a freezer full of food and a wardrobe of clothes which look like her own but are new. She’s been abducted by her stalker. We know this from the start. She’s in mourning for the love of her life and bumped into a man at a gig where she sang with her friend’s band – The Butterfly Effect. He’s creepy, manipulative and she regrets giving him any positive signals. There are two people looking out for her. One is Olga, her friend from the band; the other is her late boyfriend’s best mate, a man Olga can’t stand. Amy is conflicted.

This is an unusual ‘stalker story’ in that the abduction has already happened by the time we enter the narrative. We watch as Amy works out, with horror, what has gone on in her life and how difficult it is making choices of friends. I enjoyed the tension set up in the story and Amy’s initial denials of what she eventually finds to be the truth. A very good, well-written read.

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