Friday, 17 April 2015

Lynda Wilcox

People call these cosy mysteries but there's nothing cosy about the predicaments Verity Long finds herself in. I love these stories.

Murder by the Glass Murder by the Glass

My review -

Once again, researcher Verity Long can’t keep her nose out of a murder. She’s usually reprimanded by her long suffering boyfriend, a detective inspector of police, but this time she’s left him behind. Verity and her boss, crime writer Kathleen Davenport, are taking part in a wine-tasting weekend and, on their first morning, Verity finds the body of another guest. With a cast of a dozen, plus the staff, can Verity narrow it down? Should she leave it to the police? Of course she should, but they can’t be contacted.

This novella is another classic Verity Long mystery. I’m a huge fan of these stories and find them gripping and interesting but not gruesome. That doesn’t mean there’s no danger – especially to feisty young women who can’t help themselves when it comes to a bit of amateur sleuthing. Verity fans – prepare for a treat. Everyone else – come in and join us! Another great story which I enjoyed very much.

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