Monday, 18 January 2016

David Haynes

Horror in a modern setting. I read this all in one evening - splendid stuff!

I Can See You

My review - 

Do you believe in ghosts? Chris is forty years old, the age his own father was when he died, and he begins to see a frightening figure - and not just in his dreams. She starts to appear in real life too and the black voids where her eyes should be seem to want to pull him into oblivion. Is he going mad? We all know that our past can come back to bite us, but can it bite our children – and their children…? A chilling thought.

This is the story of a family haunted down the generations. We watch a man apparently losing his mind. Slowly, gradually, others share the horror. Where did it all go wrong and can Chris do anything to change it? The Cornish coast and the English weather almost become characters in the drama which is played out in this family. It's a gripping book which I read at a single sitting.

Do you believe in ghosts? You might now.

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