Sunday, 31 January 2016

Joel Hames

New author to me, Joel Hames writes a Ripping Yarn!

The Art of Staying Dead

My review - 

This story starts with a visit made by lawyers, journalists and others, to a prison facility where the worst criminals are housed. While Sam, our protagonist, is there, a mass break-out occurs in which lives are lost. Sam has a gun pointed directly at him, just before he's lifted away to safety by helicopter. He describes the man, a black man with grey hair, but the authorities deny there ever was such a prisoner. The story takes off from here and leads us into some unexpected places.

I found this story to be a fact paced thriller which will delight the heart of those who love a conspiracy. It may not be, indeed one hopes it is not, entirely credible, but what a ride! A thoroughly enjoyable book.

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