Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Paul Fenton

This is an epic tale of a possible future for Australia. It's dark, action-packed and, because it's by P A Fenton, it's laced with a dark humour. Excellent stuff!

My review - 

The title comes from a supposed WW2 defence line on the map of Australia which divided the continent up in the event of invasion by Japan. In this ‘not too far in the future’ story, the idea is resurrected. The banks have crashed, people are bankrupt and law and order breaks down. Queenslanders form a militia to fight to defend their own territory, which would be lost in the event of invasion – though they can’t agree on who the invader will be. The core of the Queenslanders is made up of sensible and concerned citizens but it inevitably accretes a crust of violent psychopaths out to loot and kill. In the middle of this, star couple Dave, a tennis ace, and Jenny, a Hollywood star, are separated – right in the middle of a row.

You never get two books the same from Paul Fenton. No formulaic, cookie-cutter clones with him. I love the fact that there are lots of characters, all with a real part to play. If you teased one out, there’d be something missing from the tale. He writes eloquent and intelligent prose into which he injects a dark humour. This story played out in my mind like an action movie and I rushed along in its wake. It’s sobering to think how easily the civilisation we cherish can break down. A thoroughly good story.

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