Monday, 9 May 2016

Mark L Fowler

Here's a thriller that I really enjoyed. Dark, tense but enlivened with a little humour.

My review -

A couple of authors have died in suspicious circumstances, each done to death in the same manner as their last protagonist. Joy Haversham dies, leaving an unfinished manuscript very different from her previous best-selling romances. Author Nick Slater wants to get his hands on it. He’s met the man accused of killing her. This man, Gil Ray, is due to be released from prison and the Haversham family, determined not to publish the book, are in for a difficult time.

There’s something strange going on here and the reader is aware of it early on, but we don’t know quite what it is. Gil Ray is a mysterious character, grandson of a stage hypnotist, and he has a powerful effect on those who meet him, even in jail. The author cranks up the tension which is occasionally relieved by the humorous character of Nick’s agent, and by the brittle beginnings of Nick and Grace Haversham’s relationship. I haven’t read a book quite like this before. It’s most definitely a thriller but it has overtones of the supernatural. You decide if it’s really there. I love this sort of thing – being led to think rather than spoon-fed the answers. Gil Ray is a powerful creation and Silver is very enjoyable book.

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  1. Boy, certainly different, Kath. Nice to read something really unique on occasion. Great review!