Thursday, 13 October 2016

David Haynes

A modern setting for this novel takes the reader into Alaska, looking for gold. this is it - pure gold!

My review - 

Scott Draper has had gold fever ever since his grandpa showed him a nugget. His obsession ruined his marriage and his relationship with his daughter. Now he’s got a chance to make a fortune on a site at Black Pine Creek, Alaska. The place itself is eerie. A good quantity of new mining equipment has been left at the site – even last season’s final run hasn’t been removed from the wash plant. What’s going on? Then, Draper finds a body – a suicide.

This is an atmospheric story which ramps up the tension as it progresses. Many of the gang have worked together before and trust one another’s judgement. Even the surprise member of the group (can’t say, spoiler!) is a hard worker and becomes a trusted colleague. One man, though, doesn’t click with them. We begin to see why. The characters are well drawn and believable and the root of the problem is greed and the things people will do to feed it. They all suffer nightmares in which their fears come back at them, magnified. It’s tense and scary and I spent the last ten percent of this book on the edge of my chair. Absolutely a corker and the author’s best yet.

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