Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Laura Tisdall

New author to me but this one packs a punch.

My review -

Echo Six is the online name of a sixteen year-old schoolgirl hacker. She is part of a forum who undertake hacks given to them by their leader, The Asker. She loves the challenge, but mainly loves the fact that the tasks they are given release information about wrong-doing. She feels the information she uncovers makes the world better. Then, hackers start to go offline. People are effectively disappearing but because of the nature of what they do, they have never divulged their real name, addresses or photographs to one another. The Asker finally request a meeting, to seek her help.

This is rather different from any of the other ‘hacker’ or ‘cybercrime’ books I’ve read. I really enjoyed the way she confronted her own issues and fears, fears for her family, and the black, white or grey nature of hacking. Neither she, nor the reader, knows who she can trust, and the story works up into a very exiting climax. If you enjoy speculative fiction of this style, you’ll be blown away by it. I found it a gripping and thrilling read and thoroughly recommend it.

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