Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Debbie McGowan

This is a novella length Christmas story and a great, uplifting read - without being schmaltzy!

My review -

A young girl has run away from home. Her family's views and her upbringing have led to her preferring to spend December living rough, moving from town to town and sleeping on the freezing streets rather than going back home. Just before Christmas she finds unexpected help.

I love this story, which is superficially simple but contains a lot of depth. Can you - should you - offer money to an apparent vagrant? Will they spend it on drink or drugs? Is it enough to have good intentions? Suppose the girl is under age? George, with help from his partner, Josh, is able to navigate the difficult path and the outcome is a very appealing end to their Christmas, without offering a complete solution. I like to think the majority of people would act with generosity like this. An intelligent story which asks questions and give enough answers to satisfy. Very seasonal and enjoyable!

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