Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Sibel Hodge

A very enjoyable read.


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My review -

Alissa is beautiful, much loved and newly-married to the rich and successful Max. He’s then murdered in his home and she flees to a neighbour after climbing from her bathroom window. DS Carter is part of the team looking into the murder and his superior is convinced that Alissa is innocent and her ex-boyfriend is the killer. Carter, with his own baggage to carry, thinks she’s hiding something.

Part way through this book we realise a truth and this colours everything else. It hinges on a massive co-incidence which I’m happy to swallow in the circumstances. Once Carter gets too close to the truth, he is taken off the case by his superiors for interfering when it’s all solved. They don’t realise that there’s still danger to one of the team. The ending is revelatory and exciting. I really enjoyed this story.

I received a review copy from THE Book Club on Facebook.

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