Monday, 9 January 2017

S E Lynes

A new author to me - I love a discovery! And I love this book.

My review -

Shona and her partner Mikey move up to the Aberdeen area when he gets an offshore oil job. She’s a journalist so can work from anywhere, but found herself pregnant with their first child so is at home all day with baby Isla. Their cottage is remote and she loves it but when he goes for his fortnight offshore, she’s lonely and makes friends with another mother, Valentina.

The author has really got inside the head of a mother here. Shona is sleep-deprived and suffering from a bad case of baby brain, when she find herself walking in a nearby village and seeing a picture of her husband through the window of a house. Things fall apart, as they say. This book is quite claustrophobic in that there are so few characters and their interactions and relationships are very intense. The story is complex but utterly believable and it was interesting that I was aware of my ideas about the characters changing as Shona learnt more about them herself. I found it gripping and exciting – it kept me up! Very good story indeed.

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