Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Sarah A Denzil

This is a brilliant example of a psychological thriller. For  me, it stands out from the clones.

Silent Child

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My review -

Single mum Emma’s six year old boy, Aiden, went missing in a flood, presumed drowned. Seven years later he is declared legally dead. Emma later marries – not the father – and is heavily pregnant with a second child, when Aiden returns. He is under-weight for a sixteen year-old, has an old ankle injury, and seems in shock. He doesn’t, or can’t, speak. Yet Emma is determined to find out who took him and what happened to him in those missing years.

I’ve read lots of psychological thrillers and at times, they merge into one in the memory, but this book is different. I think I’ll be a long while thinking about it. Emma is in the throes of ‘baby brain’ and is very emotional, as you can imagine. She jumps from one suspect to another and we get sucked into her rationale for those suspicions, even though we can often feel she’s over-reacting. People try to lean on her and persuade that her son may be dangerous to the baby. The reader isn’t sure – doesn’t know any more than she does. The writing style is easy and elegant and I raced through this, dying to know the answers. A great example of the genre and highly recommended.

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