Monday, 9 September 2019

The Girl with Space in her Heart

At last, a book with girl in the title that's about someone at primary school. A genuine girl

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Book description

Mabel Mynt knows a lot about how we feel connected to the stars because we are all made of stardust. And that Mum’s new boyfriend, Galactic Gavin, has eyes that twinkle like Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky. And that sometimes the perfect place for her sister Terrible Topaz would be a black hole.
But Mabel doesn’t know how to fill the space in her heart that Dad left when he walked out. And so she sets out on a mission of discovery...
A heart-warming and laugh-out-loud story about learning that love is never lost and change doesn’t have to be scary.

My review 

I really loved this delightful and sensitive book. Mabel is a child with a lot of worries. She imagines a suitcase in her mind where she stuffs them, more and more of them. Her father left home suddenly, her mum doesn’t want to speak about him and now Mum has a boyfriend. He shares Mabel’s obsession with space, stars, astronomy. Add into the mix an obnoxious older sister, now at secondary school but always cross and angry, and Mabel’s not having a very good time of it.

The story touches on many of a child’s worries. If things go wrong, is it my fault? Mabel is a child you can’t help but warm to and the book is a sensitive but non-preachy exploration of the difficulties of absent parents, school friendships, secrecy and the problems of trying to interpret the actions of others without all the facts. It’s a really enjoyable read for upper primary school children – and onwards.

I received a free paperback of this book from Amazon Vine.


Just a thought 

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