Wednesday 27 November 2019

Bone Snow

Another great horror tale from David Haynes.

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Book description

When the snowstorm falls and the power fails, Leo Newman’s humble store acts as shelter
for a desperate group of people, all trapped there waiting for the dawn.

As tensions rise among the teenage kids, neighbors, street thugs and an undercover cop,
Leo barely has time to consider the most harmless and innocent ones. The strangers in his
basement – the young girl and her baby.

From the folk tales of Japanese myths, something insatiable has come to stalk the modern
world. The freezing snow rising inside Leo’s store is far hungrier and deadlier than anything
out in the dark.

My review 

In a down-at-heel area in an American town, where gang culture is rife, a power failure in a snow storm traps a group of people together in a failing store. One of them, a vulnerable-seeming young woman with her baby, is not who she seems.

I found this a really claustrophobic story. There was no way anyone could escape from the others, trapped as they were by the elements and the failure of the store’s electric security shutters. There’s a creeping feeling that things are going bad. People lose their tempers and don’t understand why they feel like this. People die – horribly. I always enjoy the author’s books and it’s often the element of ancient myth that pulls me in tight. This one did. A really creepy chiller of a read.

About the author

David Haynes is a horror fan and has been since he picked up a copy of Salem's Lot by Stephen King.

He loves reading books in the horror genre as well as in other genres but he always comes back to horror.

He writes books in the genre he loves and he hopes the readers enjoy them as much as he enjoyed writing them.

He lives in the UK with his wife, son and dog.


Just a thought

Books fall open, you fall in ― David McCord

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