Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Ali Cooper

Before my reviewing days I read and enjoyed Ali Cooper's books, The Girl on the Swing and The Cave.  When I saw she had a Young Adult story - first in a trilogy - newly available, I knew I had to read it.

The Cat and the Cathedral  The Cat and the Cathedral

My review - 

This story, the first part of a trilogy for Young Adults, is nevertheless a great read for older adults too. I have always read YA fiction as the impatience of the young demands that the story-teller should get on with it! Here the action begins straight away. Four young friends follow a cat into some underground tunnels and find themselves witnesses to a strange, probably secret, ceremony in their local Cathedral. The story unfolds from here and the youngsters find it difficult to know who to trust.

Ali Cooper's writing is clear and elegant. She sets a scene well and we feel the intrigue, the fear, the suspicion in the youngsters' minds as adults react in ways they wouldn't have expected. I found the climax rather portentous. I feel more is coming and it looms! I shall look forward to following this story through the next episode.

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