Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Katie W Stewart

This is the sequel to the wonderful Treespeaker.  It's thoughtful imaginative and gripping enough for any age.

Song of the Jikhoshi

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My review - 

This book follows Treespeaker, but with a lapse of 12 years.  Jakan, erstwhile Treespeaker for his tribe (the one who is in contact with the spirit of the forest) is now the chief elder.  His adopted son, Zanarr, is displaying frightening talents.  He is a sorcerer and the members of the tribe are afraid of him.  His foster father trusts him and tries to teach him to use his powers wisely.  Zanarr feels inadequate to the tasks he is burdened with (as do we all!) and only wants to be liked by his peers and accepted by his people.  There’s great Evil abroad in the forest, following an earthquake, and Jakan, in his attempt to follow the good path, is in danger of losing both his sons.  This is the age old story of good and evil, played out largely in the home of a forest dwelling, peaceful tribe.

This story has great depths, dealing as it does with feelings of inadequacy, fear of letting down those we love, fear of harming others with our strengths or abilities.  Katie Stewart’s writing is always clear, uncluttered but remarkably evocative and descriptive.  Her forest is there before me, her characters feel like people I know.  She’s got a great talent – and she designs her own covers too!  Excellent!

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