Thursday, 18 April 2013

Nigel Bird

I've read a few of Nigel's short stories and novellas.  He's got a great style and a good imagination.

The Rocks Below

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My review - 

This novella tells the story of the aftermath of a massive storm off the East coast of Scotland.  As people are clearing up the devastation, strange things happen.  People and animals go missing.  Amongst the debris strewn across the beaches, there are some huge boulders, which a local geology lecturer decides to analyse.

This story is a compelling read.  It’s told from a number of viewpoints as we accompany various local people in the days after the storm.  The characters have some life, which often doesn’t happen in a shorter work.  The hapless geologist, unsure of herself as a person, as well as professionally, dreams of a Nobel prize.  The retired policeman is a real salt of the earth chap – the kind you’d like as a neighbour.  There have been local protests about ‘fracking’ – a process used to fracture rocks to extract fuels – and there are concerns from members of that group.  There’s altogether a lot to think about in a short book.  Highly recommended!

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  1. May I thank you here for your kind words and your dedication to stories. Writers need positive comments and constructive criticism as if it's a kind of fuel, or at least this writer does.

    Bless you.