Thursday, 7 April 2016

Caroline Mitchell

This is the first in the series which I started at number 3. It's the mark of a good series that you can pick one out and still get a good read from it. I thought I'd begin at the beginning - and it's a good beginning, too.

Don't Turn Around

My review -

In DS Jennifer Knight, author Caroline Mitchell has created one of those characters you know will stay with you. A police detective, she has additional powers; hunches, maybe? Knowledge others don't have. And she's had the 'crazy' tag trailing along behind her. Now, the crimes she has to solve come close to home.

The characters are believable. Jennifer herself, determined yet fearful, her colleague Will, the new boy Ethan; all are involved with a series of murders which seem to copy those her own mother investigated twenty years earlier. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, this is a cracking good story. As it’s the first of a series, I'm pleased to see that I'll meet Jennifer again.

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