Thursday, 21 April 2016

Cody McFadyen

I picked up this book, by an author new to me, thanks to recommendations from two people whose reviews I trust. It's always worth checking out what your friends are reading and enjoying.

My review -

This story, featuring FBI agent Smoky Barrett, tells of her return to work after a six month absence. This was the result of an attack on her, her husband and young daughter, leaving her facially scarred and her loved ones dead. She needs frequent interviews with the FBI psychologist before she can be signed on again as fit to work. Her next case is a man who has all the makings of being a serial killer, and who says he’s descended from Jack the Ripper. He comes very close to home for Smoky and her team.

This is a harrowing story but a totally gripping one. It would be nice to say it’s unbelievable but sadly it’s not. There seems to be no end to the depravity possibly in the human soul. There is something here of the old nature/nurture debate but largely it’s a darned good crime story and it’s a delight to watch the harassed team unpick the slender evidence and find the villain behind it all. In some ways, it’s like looking at a mirror reflecting another mirror. They catch one man and there seem to be so many more behind him. An excellent, completely compelling story, right to the end.

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