Monday, 11 April 2016

David Haynes

This is the author's first venture into the modern Crime and Thriller genre and I really hope for more of this. It's wonderful stuff.

My review -

Do you find clowns more scary than funny? It's so common that there's a word for it. Coulrophobia (I had to look it up). This is a fantastic page-turner which exploits a common fear. It's also a psychological thriller and a crime and detective story. The first sentence is absolutely arresting. Sparkles the clown is the creation of Ben
Night, a washed-up author vainly trying to recreate his earlier fame. A children's entertainer has copied the Sparkles face as his own but someone is bent on a bizarre form of revenge. Detective Jane Brady is determined to find the killer when a colleague of hers is similarly targeted.

This is a new venture for a man known primarily for his horror stories, with an emphasis on Victorian tales of the macabre. His current novel is bang up to date and is influenced by the author's experience working as a police officer. We are able to watch the pieces falling into place for Jane Brady, and witness Ben Night's fear as his own creation apparently takes on a life of its own and goes on a murderous spree. David Haynes has a great future as a writer of psychological thrillers and crime novels if this book is any indication.

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  1. Very interesting review, Kath! This sounds different.