Tuesday, 28 June 2016

A K Dawson

I've long enjoyed Andrew Dawson's work and this Young Adult story is no disappointment. It oozes humour and charm.

My review -

Dan looks like one of life’s losers. He lost his immediate family in a tragic road accident and now lives with his nana. He suffers from crippling migraines but the proximity of the strange girl he meets, delving in rubbish bins for food, clears them instantly. She’s got massive eyes, a small mouth and, under her beanie hat, not a wisp of hair. Is she an alien? Dan falls for her and learns that he’s no ordinary boy, but the subject of an alien experiment when he was in the womb.

This story is funny, clever, charming and SO readable. It’s intended for Young Adults, I think, but brings up so many questions of love, loss, loneliness and, yes, there’s a bit of kissing to lighten the load. We can empathise with Dan’s fear when his mention of an alien makes those around him think he’s delusional. Eventually he wonders (as do we) if she’s real. Right to the end… There’s got to be a sequel. Readers (at least one!) demand it!

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