Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Victoria Hislop

I've read two of her previous books and when I found that The Thread was on special offer for June, I grabbed it.

My review - 

This is a story steeped in the recent history of Thessaloniki. Katerina came there as a small girl, a six year old refugee, accidentally separated from her mother and younger sister. She's taken in by another family, a woman and her twin sisters, also fleeing to safety. Katerina dreams of finding her birth mother. She shows a great talent for needlework and the book weaves the thread of her life with the lives of other families in the same street. It covers the two world wars and the rreek civil way.

I found the story, as I always do with Victoria Hislop's books, an education and an eye-opener. I always feel they are superbly researched but the learning is worn lightly. The story and the characters carry the book over a foundation of historical accuracy. It astonished me to learn that so recently, the married women were powerless against the wishes of their husbands and women couldn't vote. Above all, this is a good story which I heartily recommend. 

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