Sunday, 10 December 2017

David McGowan

Nevada is the third of a science-fiction 'alien invasion' trilogy. You can find all three on Amazon. Here's my review of this grand finale.

Nevada link

My review -

This final part of the epic three-part saga of an alien visit to earth is an action-packed thriller of a book. The group begin to realise the importance of the small statue the young boy Tucker carries with him, guarded as always by his beloved dog, Samuel. A race against time rounds up the story and there’s some real heart-in-mouth stuff going on here. This is ‘alien invasion’ with a whole different angle and context and I loved being pulled out of my expectations.

The interplay between the characters is strong and believable. These people are alone in their world and if they can’t fulfil their quest, there will be no world. It’s a dire situation and the amount of danger, fear and longing points that up very well. I loved the way that some characters were not as I’d thought them. I’ve always enjoyed David McGowan’s writing and his imagination and this is a stunning conclusion to what’s been a thunderingly good tale.

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