Friday, 1 December 2017

Lexie Conyngham

I've always loved Lexie's writing style in the historical mysteries, but she can turn her hand to anything, as this story shows.

Jail Fever link

My review - 

A mystery illness is striking the prison populations and killing people within hours. Nobody survives – then a little girl, whose father is in jail, comes down with it. She’s unconscious, for several days. There are teams working night and day to try to find a cure. Nearby, an archaeological dig unearths a seven hundred year-old body and post mortem results are striking.

This thriller is set both in modern times (around the year 2000) and in the medieval past. The stories on these timelines are strangely linked and at times the book is very exciting. There’s a sound archaeological background to this story, and it picks up on some of our modern fears of big companies and their tactics. I also love the man in the cloak! You must read it. It’s so unlike anything else I’ve ever read and I enjoyed it a great deal.

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