Saturday, 16 December 2017

L M Krier

This is the first in a rather different detective series and I know I'll read more when time allows.

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My review - 

DI Ted Darling is investigating a murder. Soon there are more bodies and things come very close to home for him. Ted Darling is a refreshingly unusual detective. We’re becoming used, in fiction, to maverick police inspectors sailing very close to the legal wind and getting away with it because they get results. I suspect, even hope, that these exist only in fiction. Ted works by the book (mostly) and unusually, has a happy home life. This, too, is refreshingly different.

I enjoyed this story, though I guessed the villain some time before the end. I found Ted’s relationships both at home and at work very convincing and the story was well paced. The last part was particularly exciting. I shall certainly read more in this series and I recommend it to all crime fiction fans.

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