Monday, 18 March 2013

David Haynes

This is another collection of linked, or themed, short stories set in Victorian London.  I'm really enjoying these, and the antique style of language the author uses.

Ballet of the Bones Ballet of the Bones

My review - 

Ballet of the bones is the second quartet of Victorian style horror stories by David Haynes. He has caught the rhythm of the formal language very nicely and has capitalised on the obsession with death, bones, decay and human frailty. It’s not necessary to have read the previous book, Mask of the Macabre, but if you have done, you’ll find a few pleasing links between those stories and these.

David Haynes is developing his style well and there are some resounding Victorianesque phrases here that delighted me. With 2 collections of these gruesome tales under his belt, I would like to see him tackle a longer work again. I saw a pre-publication copy of this book and  I think that classic horror fans will love these stories. They are all too nastily believable. 

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