Saturday, 16 March 2013

Martin Treanor

Martin's book, The Silver Mist, is one of those that sinks into your psyche and you feel you'll remember it forever.

The Silver Mist  The Silver Mist

Eve is a young woman with Down’s Syndrome whose family are caught up in the Belfast bombings of 1972. They have very recently lost their father from a cancer of the blood and their mother is in a coma in hospital after being caught in a bus station bombing. Their chain-smoking next door neighbour comes in daily to help the family. Eve is enchanted by the silver mist she sees when she stands by the garden gate looking into the meadow. In this, she meets Esther, a guide, a friend, another self.

The writing has the Northern Irish lilt, even to read, and the descriptions from the mouth of Eve are at once na├»ve and very deep. She is a little repetitious; she needs her routines and routine has been brutally disturbed for her of late. This is a delightful book with a deeper spiritual dimension. It tells us most definitely that there’s more going on in any mind than the rest of us are capable of understanding. It’s an intriguing, engaging and gripping story and I enjoyed it a great deal.

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