Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Mads Sorensen

Mads Sorensen is a new writer to me.  If this stonking thriller is an example of what he can write, I sincerely hope he's working on the next book!

15000 Feet Below

Amazon.com  15000 Feet Below

My review - 

Roy is a geologist for an international oil company and he and his partner Melanie are involved in a huge explosion on a rig. Melanie and most of the others involved are killed. Roy survives … but the explosion was not an accident. Someone’s out to kill him because of what he knows. There’s a complex plot to blow another oil field, this time with a nuclear device, and it will result in a huge human and ecological catastrophe which could escalate into all-out war. Roy and the unlikely hit-woman Sid, try to prevent it. Can they? Do they? I’m not going to tell you!

The plot is so much more substantial than any brief summary can explain. We seem to grasp the motives of the characters involved but we don’t know it all. The roots of the outrageous plot go back to the earliest childhoods of the participants. This is a really meaty story; a long and wonderful read and I enjoyed it very much. The standard of the writing is also commendable. It’s very readable although it deals with some of the day to day technicalities of the oil industry. It’s never dry; it’s always fast moving and exciting. I think this is Mads Sorensen’s first book. I hope he’s writing another!

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