Wednesday, 29 May 2013

B J Burton

BJ has written an epic story here, about the little people who dwell in secret on Dartmoor - and what happens to them when they meet a Ranger.  It's full of charm, wonderful characters ... and portents of things to come!

Dartmoor...The Saving Dartmoor...The Saving

My review - 

This is a charming story which capitalises on our persistent mythologies of races of little people; fairies, pixies, leprechauns, ‘the lordly ones who dwell in the hills, in the hollow hills’. The Dini are the remnant of a cursed British tribe, the Votadini, who have dwindled in stature and potency. There have been no baby Dini born for 18 years. The Dini live in secrecy on Dartmoor, scratching a hard life, moving at night, hiding in damp, abandoned mines in the day. One day, Ranger Bob finds that there are more little creatures on the moor than rabbits.

This book is suitable for older children upwards (way upwards!) and weaves Celtic myth and legend into a modern concern for the environment. If you read this book, you’ll meet Merlin of the Arthurian legends, and find with him the great sword of power. There are heart-stopping moments when the Dini, or Gododdin, as they should really be known, are in danger of discovery or death, but the Prince of Wales is asked to help. Can he come to the rescue? You need to read this to find out! There’s a lovely ending to the story but it’s not a conclusion to the whole tale. Fortunately, there’s another book in the series which I shall have to hunt down. I wish we’d had this book when I was a youngster. Still, I’ve made up for it now!

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