Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Tim Arnot

Tim Arnot is a new author and has created a believable world.  You most certainly don't need to be a young adult to enjoy it, though the main protagonists are.

Wanted (Flick Carter) Wanted (Flick Carter)

My review -

This is a post-apocalyptic book with a difference.  Most of them concentrate on a devastated world where chaos rules.  Tim Arnot has taken a world which collapsed maybe a couple of hundred years ago and people have adapted.  He creates a Britain in which electricity and technology are forbidden (except to the Kingsmen – an elite law enforcement agency).  Sixteen year old Flick Carter makes flint arrowheads, hunts and helps her dad to run the local inn.  Out hunting, she ‘finds’ a young man, Shea, injured after using forbidden technology.  Her caring for him puts her in danger; he’s already in it up to his neck!  There are those working against the king, to raise a private army.  Flick falls foul of these and her life is forfeit. 

Tim Arnot has created a believable world here and has fabricated the politics to go with it.  I enjoyed the characters, feisty Flick and her younger sister Rosie; the Faringdon Watch and the Kingsmen, in particular, Jessica Dixon.  There are evil characters to get your teeth into too; especially the corrupt and bullying mayor and his weak and venal thugs.  We learn just enough about the mysterious Shea to want to follow his exploits and there are hints that Jessica is more than she initially seems to be.  Flick is a darling!  I really look forward to reading more.

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