Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Lexie Conyngham

This is another in the Murray of Letho series and in my view, it could be the best so far!  

Fellowship with Demons

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My review - 

Charles Murray is commissioned by Melville, a high-ranking Scottish nobleman, to look into the family into which his cousin is hoping to marry.  Melville feels there is something shady about them but has no proof.  This is a story of officers, young, marriageable ladies, balls, suppers and concerts at the Assembly Rooms – it all sounds very Jane Austen.  However, Lexie Conyngham puts far more emphasis on the ‘Downstairs’ part of Upstairs/Downstairs than ever Jane Austen did and we meet up with far more violence, murder and assault than was ever hinted at in her genteel writings.  Murray finds what Melville has asked him, but some of the knowledge comes with the realisation that people he loves and respects will be hurt by it too.

Lexie Conyngham’s elegant and intelligent writing comes with a sprinkling of Scottish dialect terms which give it huge charm.  The story here is one of mystery, murder, intrigue and deceit.  I love the way the author combines action and plot line with a thoughtful look at the lives of some otherwise minor characters.  She looks at the effects of dementia on an old and loved servant, and at other issues of mental instability.  It’s a gripping thriller and mystery but is also a great social comment on the times.  I enjoyed reading this very much.  I’m a big fan of the Murray of Letho series and I think this is possibly the best.  (So far – I’m an optimist!)

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