Thursday, 26 September 2013

Darren Sant

Darren Sant writes short stories but I've never managed to catch up with them.  This novella length story pulled me in from the blurb.  It's brilliant!

The Bank Manager and The Bum The Bank Manager and The Bum

My review - 

This is a wonderful novella length story about Giles, the bank manager, his family and the homeless man found by Giles one morning as he unlocks the bank.  The family are coming to terms with some dreadful news and Frank, the bum of the title, together with his dog Rex, are pivotal in the family’s survival.  It’s almost a modern legend and definitely has a mythic quality about it.  I found it beautifully written and a real ‘feel-good’ story.  It’s the first work that I’ve read by Darren Sant and on this evidence, I really must read more!

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