Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Jennifer Hanning

Jennie is an author and drabbler and this is her first published collection.  I hope there will be more!

100 Percent Drabbles

Amazon.com 100 Percent Drabbles

My review - 

I love drabbles – 100 word stories - and as someone who enjoys writing as well as reading them, I can appreciate how neatly and elegantly the author fits her stories into the confines of the word limit.  It’s not easy without it sounding chopped down but Jennifer Hanning makes it seem effortless.  She covers a range of genres here and many have an unexpected ending – a real benefit of the drabble form.

The writing is uncluttered and clear and although the temptation (to which I succumbed!) is to read them all at once, I know they will benefit from savouring one or two at a time.  So that’ll be my next project!  Drabbles fit very well into our modern rushed lifestyle and I’m sure this book will appeal to many.  Did I mention that I love drabbles?

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