Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Michael Brookes

This is another book of short stories from Michael.  I enjoyed An Odd Quartet but this is better.  He's refined his ideas and his writing style.  This stuff is very good. 

An Odder Quintet

Amazon.com An Odder Quintet

My review -

This group of five stories is sure to enhance Michael Brookes' reputation as a short story teller. I found them all intriguing concepts. The author has an interesting mind! In the first story, a convicted murderer is offered the opportunity to take part in an experiment in which time passes very differently for him. There's a story about the Fates, or Norns, who have always interested me. A dead man is apparently able to email his grieving wife. The story I got least from, thought I think that's down to my own interests rather than the skill of the storyteller, was the fourth, involving the group of soldiers. My favourite was the last. I'd love to have gone into that more deeply. I feel it is a story with immense potential.

I really enjoy the author's imagination and love his full length novels. Nevertheless, I hope he will continue to write these gripping short stories.

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