Monday, 2 September 2013

Lynda Wilcox

This is the second in the Verity Long series.  I love this character.  Long may she knock back the Merlot - although I'm a Shiraz girl myself!

Organised Murder Organised Murder

My review - 

Verity Long, author’s research assistant, once again finds a corpse and becomes drawn in (due largely to her nosey nature!) to investigating. Her old love comes back into her life which complicates things with her current boyfriend, the Police Inspector in charge of the case. She also becomes involved with a motley group of would-be thespians, acting as prompt at their rehearsals in order to continue with her sleuthing.

Lynda Wilcox has created a wonderful character in Verity. She’s intelligent, thorough and no doubt a damned nuisance! She enjoys good food and a glass or several of Merlot. The humour is dry, witty and not at all forced. Much of it comes from the author’s choice of language and I love that kind of book. I imagine it’s classed as ‘cosy mystery’ although being hanged in a church isn’t my idea of cosiness! It’s miles from some of the hard, gritty and true-to-life gangland murder stories I enjoy but there’s room in my life for both. I’ve really enjoyed these books and look forward to reading the next. This was a great read!

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