Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Bill Todd

Bill is a new author to me and on the basis of this collection - one main story and six shorter 'case files' - I will be reading more from him.

Gargoyle Pixie Dog


My review - 

Sometimes you find a series which you think you will enjoy but you missed out on the start. Do you go to the beginning and hope you’ll get chance to read them all or do you dive in and feel lost? This book, which is full novel length, is a really good way to get a taster of the author’s Danny Lancaster stories. Danny is a private investigator, an ex-soldier who lost a leg in Afghanistan, and, if these stories are typical, he’s never going to get rich. He makes enough to get by but he’s got a soft heart, in spite of some of the things he becomes involved with.

I admit to being seduced by the title, though the reason for it becomes obvious when Danny is trying to trace a missing street girl. This is the main story, although there are shorter stories in the collection. I didn’t find a dud in there and I like the author’s style of writing. He comes up with some excellent phrases and isn’t a slave to cliché. I really hope I’ll find the time to read more Danny Lancaster before too long. A great collection and a lesson to series authors in how to give potential new readers a way in.

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  1. Nice little review, Kath, and smart move on the part of the author.